Best Baby Diapers 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best baby diapers The best baby diapers are among the primary elements of the baby’s daily schedule. They need to be at the best of the game all the time, making sure the infant is feeling dry and comfortable.

There are many best diapers for newborns in the market, but choosing the one from the different options available is a tedious task for those who have no guide whatsoever.

We have created a list that contains five of the best diapers you can buy on the market currently, which are durable, cheap, and worth each dollar spent.

We will help you pick by making you understand what to consider in diapers, present you with best diaper reviews, and tips on the way to select. Let us make the baby dry and comfortable!

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Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

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Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers




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Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers




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Pampers Cruisers Diapers




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Huggies Little Movers Diapers




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Top 5 Best Diapers Reviews

The Best Disposable Diapers

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Review Pampers is the best diaper brand for most parents today. They have got better wetness indicator, material, protection, plus even distribution process. It is comfortable and soft and helps the baby has slept for as much as 12 hours without irritation. It sits nicely against the skin so your child can move without restrictions when wearing them.

Pampers Swaddler Diaper has a gelling substance which enables moisture-absorbent by offering a big intake place. It is available for an affordable and cheap price. Therefore, it doesn’t leave a gap in the pocket after buying, and it provides good value for the investment. The side strap is quite sturdy. It won’t loosen up regardless of how much the toddler crawls around is a massive advantage in our world.

The diaper’s wetness indicator notifies on if the newborn diaper is wet by switching to blue color helping the mother and father to find out when to change the diapers while it is soaked. Due to the linen put into the baby diaper, it pulls wetness out of the baby’s skin into their diapers. As a result, your child will feel comfortable sleeping throughout the night. The Swaddlers Diapers by Pampers is probably the best diapers for babies.

What we liked: The overall build is immaculate and straightforward, but Pampers was able to add a bit of playfulness from featuring a little color band at the diaper’s top part.
What we didn’t like: Pampers may not be like Eco-friendly as a few other brands in the market, but their items are tested plus will not trigger skin irritations the most critical thing in the end.


Unrestricted motion for the infant.
Super soft materials that won’t irritate their skin and let it breathe.
Absorption ability is higher compared to average.


Leaks may often occur mainly when the fit isn’t right.
It is not entirely Eco-friendly because there are some chemicals involved.

Verdict: In short, the price tag itself is affordable, particularly if you get a bigger pack so they can fit into your price range. The material is soft as well as it will feel right on their skin. Therefore, if you aren’t ready to try and experiment other brands available, Pampers Swaddlers is an excellent choice that can keep the baby dry for a long time.

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The Best Diapers for Newborns

Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers

HUGGIES Snug & Dry Diapers Review The Huggies diaper is among the best newborn diapers on the market now, offers this comfort sized dry diapers that can hold around 8 to 14 kilograms of waste produced. The SureFit design having a flexible waistband gives up to 12 hours protection to keep the little one dry and glad. It arrives at a cost quite affordable and cheap. It is the best bargain for us considering the worth you receive back for the baby in exchange.

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers features a reliable leak locking system with enduring center and quick, engrossing layers to secure moisture. It contains 140 pieces which could last a long time based on the demand for your infant or children as per the situation. Mickey & Friends characters reserve a short while a fun time for the toddler, and the soft external covers take comfort to a different level.

The best Huggies diapers having gone through all the various tests of good quality and feature a delicate pattern. It ensures your child does not get annoyed even with very long product usage, compared to alternatives on the market. We think the diaper from Huggies is an excellent deal considering it can save money and get back the worth of the cash spent is guaranteed. Another good quality of the diaper is it absorbs waste quickly like poop and pee without getting messed up. It remains dry and assures the little one enjoys comfort and dryness throughout the night.

What we liked: It gives reliable spillage insurance, a SnugFit belt, as well as a Mickey & Friends Disney, cast characters, this HUGGIES Snug and Dry diaper, allow kids to move about in style and solace.
What we didn’t like: Also, a few customers report it is not good for long because they tend to leak.


Up to 12 hours of leakage protection.
Improved and new leak lock.
It has four layers that absorb quicker.


The build is disappointing.
A few users complain regarding diaper rash.

Verdict: In short, give your kids superior protection in an extraordinary confidence with the best baby diapers. It includes colorful Disney outlines. Dry and cozy it has snappy retain layers that pull away wetness to keep the skin of the child dry throughout their daily experiences. The trusted leak locking framework and triple layer protection give nearly 12 hours of assurance from spillage.

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The Best Overnight Diapers

Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers

Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers Review Pampers is among the favorite brands in every baby cosmetics & equipment, so a guide on the overnight diapers for babies will not finish without a model by them. The Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers is another on the list of best diaper reviews. It meant for budget-conscious parents who would like the finest value for their money.

It provides three protection layers which in return makes the baby diaper three times drier compared to the best cloth diapers for infants preventing discomfort. It is very cost-effective and comfortable. It is available in sizes 1-6 for the various weights and various baby growth stages.

It has a color varying wetness indicator; greater the child leaves waste or pee also the wetter their diapers get. It changes colors hence the mother could have a rough idea of when the nappy should be swapped out, making the complete process of understanding when to replace diapers simple. Also, it absorbs waste effortlessly not getting the diaper messy along the way which gives peaceful rest for babies and prevents irritation.

What we liked: It has features including ultra delicate surfaces, three-layer absorbent setup, lightweight, and wetness indicator that is color-changing are the highlights worthy to place this diaper into best-selling models of this particular category.
What we didn’t like: Several families reported little ones sleeping tight as well as enjoying this diaper, while there are certain cases about leakage. The triple absorption layer has an excellent absorption, but at times it produces small pieces of dense material which could bring uncomfortable feeling to your toddler.


Comfortable and soft both outside and inside.
Hypoallergenic inner layer.
High absorption and thick padding.


Strange rock objects may show up.
Uncomfortable for a few babies.

Verdict: In short, the one we tested performed flawlessly, and customers who use these can tell nothing but loads of recommendation and praise for them, mainly for the durability.

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The Best Diapers for Boys & Girls

Pampers Cruisers Disposable Diapers

Pampers Cruisers Disposable Diapers Review As every worrying mom quickly comes to know, a growing kid will need adaptable care suppose they’re to have the health and comfort required to stay happy. This baby diaper comes with a feature known as absorbing channels which evenly distribute and soak up urine to maintain their diaper off from sagging skin. This box of 152 pieces in size five is an excellent addition to the baby’s assortment this year.

The Pampers Cruisers diapers leg openings feature durable elastic that reduces leaks and ensure a right fit. It offers the comfort and best fit while promising day long convenience (in real checks the diaper was able to keep the baby dry for more than 12 hours). Users give this model high ratings for working as promoted.

Also, it is worth mentioning this set can prove a fantastic attraction to baby and mom with the cute Sesame Street emblazoned characters on the outside of every piece. They are unique because of featuring Pampers 3-way fit build that quickly adapts in the baby’s legs, bottom, and waist. It guarantees comfort without compromising the diapers practical value.

What we liked: The reported leaks and blowouts were exceedingly rare with such, due to mostly nicely-fitting and durable elastic and high absorbency that contours correctly to the bum and thighs.
What we didn’t like: It is not as padded and soft like the Pampers Swaddlers, since it is showing priority for comfort versus leak-proofing, and also no more contain the exclusive wetness indicator similar to the Swaddlers.


It does not sag like regular diapers.
3-way fit adjusts at the bottom, legs, and waist.
Extra absorb channels to spread wetness evenly.


It is expensive.
Not good absorption.

Verdict: In short, while the Swaddlers by Pampers is more fitted to young babies, the Pampers Cruiser diaper is made for active infants who are per-maturing into kids. However, it is an excellent all-around diaper having excellent absorbency and good fit, and very fewer mothers reported any diaper rashes using this product.

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Best Cheap Diapers

HUGGIES Little Movers Diapers

HUGGIES Little Movers Diapers Review In case, your little one is exploring the world and standing on their own two feet, in that case, they are ready for the first fitting along with the HUGGIES Little Movers Diapers Pants. It’s a popular worldwide brand of diaper. This unique diaper has got stretchy edges for a right fitting. There are numerous groups of HUGGIES discount diaper, and HUGGIES Little Movers is one.

The simple off and on plan makes setting down baby diaper changes and standing straightforward and quick. This model absorbs similar to a general bulk infant diaper on sale. Nevertheless, slips on as the best baby wipes thus you can diaper change the active small toddler quickly. It gives movement freedom to your child. It comes with a refasten ends for safest premature removal or adjustments, stretchy belt, legs and sides for a tighter fit.

It makes it simple to dress standing infants of all types – they slide in easy for a perfect fitting and slide away easy, too. The solid leak locking framework conveys about 12 hours protection. It typically fits the children from 22-37 pounds. The brand tried to place something unique, so they added colorful Disney design elements such as Mickey & Friends.

What we liked: It’s a good thing for those who complain regarding washable ability, leakage problem, and various other difficulties while swapping a diaper as the security and protection they both require between changes using stopping guards close to waist and legs where parents get another aspect of flexibility when changing their diaper.
What we didn’t like: Although there are complaints about this model, the brand is trying best to fix those issues to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of the customer.


It fits infants from 22-37 pounds.
Easy off & easy on diaper changes.
Stretchy waist and sides for comfortable motion.


Few complained regarding quality.
Recent changes in design creating a rash on bottom of the baby.

Verdict: In short, most of the mom and dad rated this model highly comfortable and useful. It’s a worthy item for you due to the unique advantages and features.

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Top 3 Best Baby Diaper Bags

The Best Diaper Bags

Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Duo Signature Carry All Travel Diaper Bag Tote Review If you want a playful bag which is highly rated, compact, and light but spacious, the Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag is the go-to option. The stroller strap is very secure and firm. The bag is flexible, and you could hang it in the baby stroller handles when you need. It features an adjustable strap and a classic shape making it ideal for both mom and dad.

You can put it up very quickly and change the baby’s diaper nearly anyplace. You can select from 10 different patterns and designs that look cute and stylish. It is well-cushioned thus your child will probably enjoy it. The diaper bag contains ten various pockets that will assist you to arrange the things better. This kit will come having a comfortable changing pad.

The outside pocket created for smaller stuff like your wallet, keys, or phone. Also, this diaper bag includes on the sides two mesh pockets which designed for carrying water bottles (or baby bottles). These aren’t insulated hence your drinks won’t stay cold or warm. It is a perfect option for those who are regularly on the move.

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The Best Baby Bags

Diaper Bag by Hip Cub - Baby Changing Pad

Diaper Bag by Hip Cub - Baby Changing Pad Review If you like using a baby stroller, this bag has straps for the stroller. They fit most of our needs, and it has many different strap possibilities, so if you are searching for a backpack which is mid-sized, it is the go-to option. Also, it has flexible shoulder straps which make it quick to shift around. On the outer, this bag does not seem like a bag.

The two outer side pockets usually are securely fixed with zippers. It is practical yet fashionable. The kit contains seven pockets which can carry numerous things. The black & white striped pattern helps make this product that the entire family will enjoy. There are a couple of big pockets externally for whatever you might want to access quickly.

Both the baby changing pad and the diaper bag created from materials which are ideal for spot care. Although there are lots of bags which can transform to backpack design, it is not one such. It has no thermal pocket plus lots of women count on the thermal pocket to carry breast milk and baby food. Therefore, it can be a deal buster suppose you come under this particular category.

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The Best Designer Baby Bags

Diaper Bag by Hip Cub – Weekender Tote

Diaper Bag by Hip Cub - Weekender Tote Review It looks good whether you are taking the baby with you for a restaurant or a casual jog. This baby bag is quite stylish, along with a striped chic design which comes in 3 neutral colors. Created with materials which are simple to clean and durable. This big tote model is perfect for any active mother of twin babies on the run. It arrives with changing pad and stroller straps too for comfort.

The straps could be worn just over a single shoulder or messenger style, and these are quite delicate, so they will not create you discomfort or pain. One problem is there are additional pockets outside the bag. However, they do not close entirely so that the items might fall over. The outside is a comfortable, soft canvas plus the inside is a polyester material, both of that are effortless to wipe down and spot clean.

It has plenty of vertical room, that is a massive benefit over several other bags. It is big, with nine safe pockets which are very roomy and large. This tote design does, however, stay a popular option for numerous buyers. In case, you prefer the striped version; then odds are you can like these bags look.

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Newborn Diapers Buyer’s Guide

Different Types of Diapers

Before we start choosing and analyzing the best diapers, you should know what type is appropriate for your baby and you. There are five major kinds of diapers.

All-in-One (AIO)

This kind of diaper mostly made from cloth. Just as the name indicates, this type of diaper has everything in a single design. Elastic around the waist and legs, a waterproof covering, a fastening mechanism, an absorbent inside layer, and even a wicking layering. The diaper could be fastened using either the Velcro or snaps.


In comparison to a flat diaper, or another diaper, the pre-folded diaper known as the smallest sizes. This type of diaper has a rectangular shape and split into a couple of sections, which includes a waterproof cover and an absorbent inside layer. The inside layer could be possibly a pre-fold or a flat. It is only required to collapsed once or twice.

As the flat diaper is often a single part of cotton as well as collapsible, the pre-fold consists of multiple layers that are stitched together also in various ways. It is like similar to fitted or contour diaper for they do not also contain any fasteners integrated with it. You will need to buy a Boingo, a Snappi, or a pin separately.


The inserts utilized in hybrids could be either disposable or cloth. Hybrid baby diapers are a combination of a waterproof cover and an absorbent insert, that is quite much like a pocket type diaper. That is the reason why it’s known as “hybrid.”


This diaper type is known as a pocket diaper since it includes a pocket which the majority of the materials that are absorbent put. This diaper type is called the very initial model of latest diapering, that has come out for several hundred years. Among them, you will find an opening pocket enabling you to include one or some inserts at one time for chlorine and chemical free absorption. The open in between the inner and the outer diaper’s layer. It contains two parts: A stay-dry liners and an outer coating.


Fitted diaper normally has waist and leg elastic that hold pee and poop better compared to the pre-fold. To fasten it in the baby, you could decide between the snap closures as well as hook-&-loop closures without folding needed. This diaper type comprises several layers of absorbing material yet lacks a waterproof outer surface. Therefore, you need to get extra covers.

Well, that is it for this types section. These above mentioned are the five various diaper types you can come across on the market.

In case, you’re an Eco-friendly individual, the best natural diapers, organic, green, or biodegradable ones are something you could probably pick. If your baby’s skin is sensitive, the best diapers for sensitive skin are believed being the highly recommended compared to reusable diapers or plastic ones. If your child is about to swim, baby swim diapers can come in handy. Also, make sure to have the best baby diaper pail for nappy purposes and ease of mind.

How to Change a Diaper | Pampers

How to Choose the Best Diaper for Your Baby?

best diapers for newborns

When selecting the best baby diapers, you have to ensure which baby diapers are best and whether it is a high-quality item even before making the buy. The factors you need to take into account in selecting a diaper are listed below.

  • Convenience: Babies are difficult to manage regarding diapers. They cannot find themselves in a single place for only a second. So, opt for a build that is quick to put in.
  • Absorbent: The absorbent, super diaper saves money and time because you don’t have to change often. While diapers aren’t absorbing enough, we don’t need any leakage mainly while we are journeying.
  • How Much Do Diapers Cost: Sometimes cost does not bother provided that you are satisfied with the product quality. Try to compare whether the quality of diaper is worth the price tag.
  • Fit: Also, we have to understand if it’s exactly the proper size for the baby. A well-fit diaper is a productive diaper.
  • Comfortable: The irritating sense sends their poor mind set through the roof. The uncomfortable diaper is one reason for an infant tantrum.
  • Brand: Always buy a box of diapers from famous or trustworthy manufacturers. Top 10 brands of diapers are Pampers Preemie, Earth’s Best tender care diapers, Luvs, Parent’s Choice, Baby Alive, Kawaii Baby, Gerber, ALVA, Bambo Nature, and Kushies.

Why Do I Need an Overnight Diaper?

There are lots of parents who can tell us how we can stop full of weeping and sleepless nights with the best overnight baby diapers that are available on the market currently. It is something we all are trying to prevent since if we could let them have comfort, why make them cry initially.

Infants cried for various reasons and based on the period of your day; their crying will let you they want something. For instance, when it is during the nighttime, and they had their cries and bottle, it means the diaper is moist as well as they are uncomfortable. In case, it is during the midnight your little one cries; it indicates they are starving.

Do I Need to Consider Diaper Size?

To avoid further cost, learn how to select the proper diaper size to your baby now. Having an infant at home, buying and changing diapers will become your nightly (and daily) routine.

Once you are confident about the sizing, you can adjust the baby diaper to stop leaks. Inspect if you inserted the waistband correctly on their waist; it must not be kept too high or too low. First, look at how it will fit your baby; is it straight on sides, back, and the front or symmetrical. Then, be sure you have wrapped the right places including backside and hips.

During a day, you will need to change their diaper a minimum of 10 times. Even though this figure decreases when a child becomes older, till it begins to utilize the baby potty, you must buy and change lots of diapers.

The improper fit sign is a red mark on child’s skin, constant leaks, and gaps. Although you pick the right diaper size based on the sizing chart, you should inspect for the indications of an inadequate fit.

Most diapers brands have sizes starting from 1 to 6. All you should do is select the size depending on the baby’s weight and stage. Choosing the proper size is quite simple if you stick to the sizing chart labeled on each diaper packaging.

What Makes My Diaper Stand Out?

While selecting a diaper to make use of during daytime is not much of an issue, finding the best diaper for overnight is a challenge. Most mothers often change from one manufacturer to the other is merely a few days. Therefore, with over 100 diapers brands to select, finding out the best one is a problem for many parents. You could try out below solutions to know if a baby diaper will work or not.

  • Switch the sizing of your infant’s diaper. In case, you are having cloth diaper, include additional insert. In case, they are heavy wetters, get the following dimension of what they usually use.
  • Suppose the diaper label says it could hold 8 pounds of liquid, test it. Perform your water test.
  • Assuming you are diapering using cloth, check out the snap plus ensure it gets locked as well. Inspect how firm the diaper grip is if you got a baby who cries when sleeping. Check their waistband, whether or not it is a comfortable fit.
  • Touch it if it is wet plus think of how your baby will sense with such amount of dryness and wetness. Feel yourself the diaper.
  • Consider the cloth diaper material because suppose you are making use of microfiber material, it is tough to clean plus it may smell when not washed properly. Once being soaked along with pees midnight, will it seem funny? Feel yourself. It often occurs if you use any washing machine.
  • By tearing it, you could test how robust the diaper can hold no matter if it is wet or dry.

What Diaper Solution Have I Got?

Until the moment they are old enough to awaken then pee on their own, you should think of extra options to keep the best diaper useful. Because, as the baby consumes plenty of liquid and grows bigger, even the greatest diapers may not seem enough to store all of the liquids they will produce.

  • Also, cloth diapering mothers can start with dry liners thing. It can prevent them from getting rashes. It can keep the moisture away from the baby’s bum and legs as well.
  • Be sure the disposable diapers are rash free. In case, you are considering such diapers, select one that is gentle on the inside. However, is powerful enough to retain the liquid and moist without leakage.
  • If you typically add one insert, double it because they will grow and pees more. Use extra or double inserts over time.
  • In case, you are considering cloth diapering, keep in mind bamboo insets performs best as it is absorbent. Utilize an excellent material along with highest absorbency ability.
  • A cloth diaper cover made from the wool material is your top pick. Another tip is the application of cover to create your diaper stay longer.

Why Should I Stop Using Disposable Diapers?

  • It takes five centuries to decompose just one disposable diaper since it does not contain any bio-degradable material. Do not forget, when parents are throwing the disposable diaper, they do not separate these diapers with poops or the pees alone. Based on the recent research from online, a minimum of 18 billion such disposable diapers is being thrown out to landfills within the US itself. It is a waste material which harms the soil as well as contributes to polluting of the environment.
  • The WHO tag dioxins being environmental pollutants too. Dioxin is a residue of chlorine plus is commonly used in diapers to create it clear of bacteria and allergens. So, if your toddler will use disposable diaper nearly for half a day, then they are at risk of getting exposed to harmful Dioxins.
  • There are reports which SAP material utilized in producing tampons creates “Toxic Shock” Syndrome as well as it causes rashes, staph infection plus irritation. A disposable diaper is absorbent as it makes use of SAP or Sodium Polyacrylate.
  • You do not want your infant exposed to such chemicals in a young age correct. Diapers emit chemical toxins also called VOC’s thus based on the EPA report; you will find VOC’s which are carcinogens.


Many babies experience rashes almost daily because of the wrong choice of diapers. It is the reason this guide was put together for you. It is because every parent is in search of guidance with selecting the top diaper for their little one.

Any of the above five diapers could comfortably fit the demands of every child as all they have simply the exact level of effectiveness and durability. All these infant diapers perform lots of functions required for babies to rest in comfort, which makes them best of the best out there on the market currently.

It is time to take a decision. Which diapers are you planning to buy? Let us find out by leaving the comment in the comment section underneath. Thanks for reading the best baby diapers reviews.

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