Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2017 – Top 10 Reviewed

best vacuum cleaner What is the best vacuum cleaner to buy? Are you fed up with the error, trial, and loss of time with buying what appears like the right vacuum for the money. Only to realize that it stops working after only some uses or does not do half of what it claims it will?

If so, this vacuum cleaner reviews can help you out to take the proper decision without all of the wasted money or trial and error.

Also, all brands of vacuum sweepers are not made equal. However, that is okay, since all household dirt isn’t the same.

Therefore, getting a vacuum is among the best choices you can take for your family and home. If you are tired of using rags, mop, and broom to remove dirt and dust from surfaces and objects in your house, a vacuum is a godsend. It is more efficient, faster, and performs the task more thoroughly.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Chart

Vacuum Name
Vacuum Type
Item Weight
Price Range
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(Editor's Choice)


2.6 pounds


Check Price

Dirt Devil SD20000RED

(Top Value Pick)


3.8 pounds


Check Price


(Very Popular)


15.1 pounds


Check Price

Hoover T-Series UH70120


23 pounds


Check Price

Hoover FH50150

Carpet Cleaner

18.1 pounds


Check Price

Shark Navigator NV356E


13.7 pounds


Check Price

Eureka EasyClean 71B


8 pounds


Check Price

BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A


7.5 pounds


Check Price

Black+Decker BDH2000PL


3.8 pounds


Check Price

iRobot Roomba 650


11.8 pounds


Check Price

Top 10 Vacuum Reviews on the Market

Best Handheld Vacuum


BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L Hand Vac With their CHV1410L model, Black & Decker market it for those seeking no nonsense performance that is friendly on the pocket.

Also, the design helps to attain quick pickup cleaning in any room where the lightweight handheld vac may fit.

It offers you thorough vacuuming and is effortless to empty its dust tank so you may clean it as soon as you require it.

The handle helps it be efficient for seniors who wish to clean their area or house. It is among the finest vacuum cleaners under $100.

The Most Prominent Features:

  • 4-hour charging duration.
  • 14.4-volt lithium-ion battery.
  • Built-in brush tool and crevice.
  • Spinning nozzle.
  • B & D says it uses 50 percent less electricity due to the smart charging feature.
  • 2-stage filter – an inner cloth that blocks finer debris and a plastic material mesh filter to stop larger dirt.
  • It uses cyclonic movement to keep suction even if dirt cup over loaded.
  • Lithium battery retains the charge for as much as 18 months.


Integrated tools reduce the risk of misplacing.
It has a 2-year limited warranty.
Regardless of the modest battery it yet has power.
It is lightweight.


Little nozzle.
Tiny dirt cup.

This model is excellent for people trying to find an affordable handheld vacuum that does not take much time to charge.

Best Lightweight Vacuum

Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik StickVac

Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik Stick and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner It is ideal if you need a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner that functions like a handheld vac, utility vac, and stick vacuum for your house.

Since it is convenient to handle and lightweight, you will have fewer problems regarding getting it in between floors and rooms.

It can detach to create a handheld vacuum, so you receive a multi purpose cleaner all-in-one, mainly if you do not want to take with you a big one at all times.

Also, the wheels glide smoothly thus it is delicate on your stairs or surfaced ground as well as even the carpet.

The Most Prominent Features:

  • The dust holder is removable hence you can effortlessly clean it.
  • The arranged cord wrapper maintains things in position once you use it for your living space or home.
  • The vac comes with a simple operation for on/off switch thus you can begin cleaning with much less inconvenience on the operation.
Overall, it’s a remarkable vacuuming machine and multi-purpose cleaning solution.

Best Upright Vacuum

BISSELL 9595A CleanView Vacuum

BISSELL 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum It is suitable for carpet according to reviews plus offers decent functionality without costing too much.

This upright vacuum model has a filter that you could replace every 3-6 months.

It features an extension wand to those difficult to reach places while maintaining the high suction it claims.

It includes a dust brush plus its dirt container is simple to empty as well as it provides a multi-level cleaning filtration method.

The Most Prominent Features:

  • Washable filter.
  • It has a brush roll which Bissel states clean up more on the first pass.
  • 25-foot power cord.
  • It includes 3 tools – TurboBrush tool, crevice, and the brush that lets you clean most upholstery and stairs.
  • Straightforward to empty and large dirt bin (capacity of 2.2 liters).
  • It has a versatile hose in which you can connect the 3 accessories we mentioned above.
  • It is backed up by a 2-year limited warranty.
  • It makes use of a bagless mechanism with cyclonic movement – it retains suction power while the dust bin gets filled up.


Reasonably quiet and inexpensive.
It is lightweight (just 15 lbs) among upright cleaners.
Easy to empty and assemble.
Ideal for carpet.


Short hose restricts its reach.
Does push larger pieces of dust around as it carries a minimal clearance. However, you can rectify using the higher pile carpet configuration.

In a nutshell, this vacuum model is ideal for moderate to bigger houses with medium to low pile carpet.

Best for Hardwood Floors

Hoover UH70120 WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover T-Series UH70120 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Let us introduce the Hoover’s WindTunnel T-Series; it includes a HEPA filter which blocks allergies from returning.

Also, it has tools and flexible hose that could clean up crannies, stairs, nooks, and upholstery.

Customers were satisfied with this vacuum’s performance, saying it picked insane quantities of dander, dust, dog pet hair, and all types of grime from the carpet which filled the dirt container pretty quick.

It is named Rewind since the 27-foot power cord rewinds that are great as you do not need to waste time wrapping your wires.

The Most Prominent Features:

  • It uses multiple cyclonic Windtunnel mechanisms that stop clogging even while the dirt pin gets filled up.
  • It includes a 27-foot retracting power cord.
  • It has the built-in dirt finder which uses the sonic system to notify you that debris is getting removed from the carpet.
  • It includes an 8-foot stretch hose which will enable you to vacuum spots over the floor.
  • It equips with a standard washable filter and 2 filters.
  • It contains 4 accessories for added flexibility – 12-inch extension wand, crevice, air-powered hand tool, and an upholstery/brush.
  • It carries a 2-year warranty.
  • 5 angle adjustment enables you to vacuum the thick carpet to bare floors.


It is ideal for fine debris such as powder.
Excellent filtration – allergens and dust stay within the dust box.
At only 16 lbs somewhat compact for a vacuum.
Good carpet performance.


Somewhat messy to empty.
The belt which runs its beater bar should get replaced once every 12-18 months.

This model is ideal for price conscious house owners in search of affordable vacuum without sacrificing on overall performance.

Best for Carpets

Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Weighing at just 18.1 lbs in compact build, it features a 2 container system that offers you improved refilling methods due to its free water functional spill tank.

The Most Prominent Features:

  • It comes with an upholstery tool and 8-feet hose as well.
  • The 360-degree cleaning with Spinscrub technology should surprise you with its functionality.
  • The multiple V nozzle enables better cleaning plus due to its effortless drying abilities; it also provides you speedy drying period. You can select among rinse and wash on the options.
It is fairly an user-friendly vacuum cleaner if you plan to focus on carpets instead of using Kirby vacuums or the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum for your flat floors.

Best Canister Vacuum

Shark Navigator NV356E

Shark Navigator NV356E Vacuum This model is ideal for maintaining the air fresh. It effortlessly picks up large crumbs as well as it keeps dust within the vacuum plus away from the home air room.

You can lift the unit using a canister button. Also, it includes an 8-inches crevice add-on for sofa gaps and corners.

Being portable, it blocks fine dust whenever possible. You could easily clean the bare floors using it.

It can clean the floor and offer an anti-allergen area in your house. Most surfaces can get cleaned using this model’s brush roll button.

The Most Prominent Features:

  • It comes with a tools bag supplied to keep all the accessories needed for this vacuum cleaner.
  • You can eliminate large debris using this machine because it targets nearly 99.9 percent of dirt in any area or place.
  • It contains a HEPA filtration that thoroughly clears allergens in mid-air. You could clean up tight to reach places by using it.
In general, it is a robust unit for handling bare floors plus it is a “2-in-1” vacuum combination that you could convert into an upright or a lift-away vacuum.

Best for Pet Hair

Eureka EasyClean 71B

Eureka EasyClean 71B Hand-Held Vacuum It is an excellent product for highest performance due to the style of the inlet, and it contains a brushing roll which effectively removes pet hair from different areas.

It has a 1-year warranty. However, remember it costs less that is quite cheap for a good-quality vacuum.

It works best in cleaning medium to fine sized debris plus might struggle with bigger pieces of dust, not due to insufficient suction.

It’s a corded model, so you will need to locate an electric outlet to connect it. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The Most Prominent Features:

  • Fingertip controls that is user-friendly.
  • Riser Visor nozzle allows this model to clean up both horizontally and vertically.
  • It comes with a crevice tool and flexible hose that enable it to reach sides better.
  • 20-foot power cord.
  • A wire wrap provided.
  • Powerful 5-amp motor.
  • Dust cup and washable filter.
  • The motorized brush which is operated by its motor.


The filter is bagless plus it is washable, so it reduces operational costs.
Somewhat quiet.
It is lightweight.
Powerful suction.


A bit messy to clean.
It fills up fast.

This model is useful for people wanting a vacuum which is active in vacuuming up upholstery and stairs without having to break the bank.

Best Bagless Vacuum

BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Vacuum

BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Corded Vacuum BISSELL PowerEdge is, without doubt, the most underrated commercial product on the market. However, we know better rather than judge a product by its rating.

The only drawback is the sound, the noisy sound.

Together with the large volume of suction and a V-shaped rotate vacuum head that can make the hardwood floors happy.

This best value vacuum cleaner for hardwood surfaces comes at a reasonable price tag considering the features and abilities.

The Most Prominent Features:

  • It is fairly a flexible product.
  • It is simple to empty plus does not make chaos.
  • And as its name indicates, you can utilize this one for sweeping pet dander and pet hair too.
To sum it up, we think this best-rated model deserves a big round of appreciation from homeowners having hardwood floors.

Best Small Vacuum

Black+Decker BDH2000PL Pivot Vacuum

Black+Decker BDH2000PL Vacuum It is the best choice for the finest handheld cleaner using lithium system to its battery technology.

Many customers who ordered this model also utilized the pivot as well as impressed with the performance.

Along with the 3-step filtration method, this handheld vacuum employs cyclonic motion to power its suction abilities.

The broad mouth style lets you cover more space for sucking dust.

The Most Prominent Features:

  • Translucent dust cup allows you to find out how much dust gets collected.
  • It operates by a lithium ion 20-volt battery.
  • It uses cyclonic motion that retains loose dirt out of the openings of the filter, so suction strength preserved even while the dust pin gets filled up.
  • Collapsible nozzle enables you to vacuum areas above the head.
  • Removable debris compartment is washable.
  • It has 35-watts of air.
  • The washable filter reduces operational expenses.
  • 3-stage filter system.


You can replace the battery.
Long 2-year warranty.
Powerful suction.
Effortless to empty.


It is not a flooring cleaner – you will require a stick vac to complement it.
It cannot clean up pet hair in carpet since it does not have a tool for that.

This cordless vacuum is perfect for people who own townhouses or apartments who require a vacuum which can clean places a corded model would struggle.

Best Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 650

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum It is no surprise the Roomba 650 by iRobot is our best choice for the finest robotic vacuum cleaner.

It loaded with a collection of individual sensors which permits it to navigate through your house.

This handy, round model does a mechanical action while it sweeps via your carpet as well as sucks the hidden dirt from the floors.

A lot of homeowners are delighted with the features and aesthetics; the best of all – it is listed mid-range.

The Most Prominent Features:

  • Cliff sensors secure it from stairs fall.
  • 3-step cleaning system which uses a suction, side brush, and AeroVac clean head.
  • Anti-tangle mechanism starts gear if something appears caught up in between the dual brushes.
  • It has the AeroVac filter which claims to filter out allergens – you should not confuse it with a so-called HEPA filter.
  • The clean head automatically changes the height to attain hard floor surfaces, carpet or rugs rightly.
  • You can schedule it once 24 hours, 7 times per week.
  • It has 1 brush cleaning accessory.
  • 1 virtual wall which blocks off limited places.


Improved clean brushes.
Automatic schedule function for ease of use and convenience.
Appropriately sized dirt container.
It automatically recharges and docks.


Can get confused between the chairs or tables legs.
Wheels, side brushes, and brush bar need to get cleaned often.

This mid-range robotic vacuum is excellent for people with pets or kids. However, are not ready spend a lot of money for a high-quality robot cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner - Buying Guide

To buy the right model for your requirements, you should decide what those demands are. It is because getting a vacuum is often similar to getting a vehicle. In this buying guide, we will assist you to find out those needs. It includes everything you need to know about vacuum cleaners under one guide.

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Of course, as any responsible customer, you should consider some factors when getting a vacuum cleaner. These machines are available in all sizes and shapes, and one model might have different applications which differ from another.

housewife with vacuum cleaner

Listed below are 5 factors you should consider before getting one for you.

  1. Cost: You would have to be able to review the attachments, features that arrive with the vacuum cleaner, its capabilities and the price. After all, budget figures to the choice.
  2. Purpose: You will need to think about why you want it. Do you want it to vacuum tough-to-reach areas besides the high-population places of your home? If that is the case, you would require a vacuum which has the necessary attachments to get into tight spaces and corners.
  3. Ease of Use: A few vacuum cleaners are heavy and bulky, which may make it hard to shift the unit from one place of your home to another. You wish your vacuum to solve issues, not create more.
  4. Space: They arrive in all sizes and shapes. The suction type, for example, is more compact. However, their little dimension means they do not have the exact strength of their bigger counterparts. Upright form, on the flip side, is the tallest and largest of all. However, they take up plenty of room.
  5. Safety: All vacuums include high-level filtration to block out harmful particles gathered by the unit, avoiding them from getting away with the blown out air by the machine. It typically collects this debris in a bagged container. Nevertheless, some are created to be bagless, and any debris and dust gathered in a dirt bin, that you could throw out following every use.

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner : Proper Vacuuming Techniques & Tips

How Large A Place Will You Be Vacuuming?

Most significant mistakes customers make in looking to pick the top vacuum for their wants is not considering what their home is.

If you reside in a 3 bedroom home a more compact vacuum will most likely not support your vacuuming preferences. In case, you reside in a little apartment with wood floors chances are you might not require a full-size vacuum cleaner to meet the needs.

Your vacuum cleaner use will be different from a household of more than 4 with pets and children. It is particularly the case if it is a retired pair who is very tidy they may only require to vacuum 1 or 2 times weekly. Many will select a stick hoover but most of these come with a short period the battery can stay charged.

How Much Weight Can You Push or Lift?

For some people, a heavier machine is not an issue. However, some young people may find taking a 40 lbs vacuum down and up the stairs on the 3 times weekly or a bit more work. It is due to the fact everybody has physical restrictions and understanding how much load you could comfortably push or lift should help to select the greatest vacuum cleaner for you.

What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Do You Need?

Knowing which vacuum type you prefer could save lots of frustration and time going through the wrong vacuum type. Some people would not prefer a canister type and prefer upright vacuums suppose you ask them. While others say, the canister vacuum is the real vacuum.

Remember for those who honestly believe a single kind of vacuum washes better or simpler to use compared to the others. They will find mistakes with any product which does not comply with the preferred type. Then you can find people who just do not care which vacuum type they get provided that it will get the task finished.

What Type of Warranty Are You Offered?

Ask yourself whether the warranty cover labor and parts, only parts or merely parts under specific conditions. A few warranties are excellent while the rest are hardly worth the document they get printed. An ideal warranty could mean an organization stands behind its products and offers you a further assurance measure. So, take your time to learn what warranty cover a vacuum got.

How Much Sound Can You Tolerate?

Remember if a cleaner meet all of your other conditions yet is a touch on the loud side when buying a set of earplugs can be a smarter decision. The vacuum noise level is often a deciding cause in your decision when looking for any vacuums.

It is true if you got a sensitive hearing and simply need to protect the eardrums from noisy sounds. A few vacuum cleaners make a quiet purring sound while some sound as if a jet taking off.

What Kind of Filter Does Your Vacuum Should Have?

The vacuum cleaner inner workings, whether it is a canister or an upright, based on the machine’s filtration system function.

Health consideration is important in selecting the proper vacuum for the house. People with Allergies and Asthma benefit hugely from a HEPA filter, because they get rid of more allergens and dust in the air.

In reality, deciding on the finest vacuum cleaner might depend upon whether the vacuum includes the right filter type for your requirements.

What is Your Budget for Buying a Vacuum?

The first question to ask is what sum of cash you can reasonably invest in a vacuum. This way you improve your odds of finding out the right vacuum cleaner to meet the needs without getting guilty on the vacuum cost.

We have analyzed hundreds of customer reviews on inexpensive vacuums and choices. The results are more than 80 percent of users described the item to be poor. It tells us a couple of things; one customer is seeking high-end products at affordable costs, next the model does not perform what it claims on the promotion (not as marketed).

Your best pick if you could afford to carry out is to select a product in the semi price range. It is because you often do receive what you spend so you just cannot expect a cheap vacuum to function as an expensive one.

What Reputable Brand Names or Companies Fit Your Vacuum Wants?

There are a few vacuum manufacturers that claim their models will last 2 decades. However, a recent study shows a vacuum will last around 3 years.

Getting a vacuum cleaner produced by a brand with an excellent reputation might help to solve any issue you might have with the brand-new one. Companies with good reputations often earn that trust because they try to please its customers as well as when they face an issue they aim to make process right.

Therefore, selecting a brand that has an excellent reputation which market the best-rated vacuum cleaner you can rely on is essential.

What Other Types of Surfaces Do You Want Your Vacuum To Clear?

Selecting the top vacuum for your demands means understanding what those requirements. You will want a cleaner with the proper tools along with a high enough hose for performing those extra tasks. It is because you require a vacuum which can clean the animal hair from the cobwebs and that sofa from the nooks of the ceilings.

If your house has tile, hardwood, and carpet, then you will need a vacuum which has the right accessories to support all the various floor types in your home. If your complete home carpeted, choose a vacuum which has less hard floor functions will not be a concern.

The Bottom Line

A high-quality vacuum cleaner could make a massive difference in how your place feels and looks.

So, take your time to perform a little research and ask yourself the proper questions. Searching for one to suit your needs could help you out to discover that ideal model you wanted.

The above reviewed top 10 models have convenient features and superior design to make vacuuming more efficient and easier.

Now since you got the answers to your doubts, you are ready to buy your very own cleaning product.

Have you got any knowledge about this best vacuum cleaner reviews or any doubts? Tell us about them by commenting below.

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