Best Pressure Washers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

best pressure washers Looking to buy the best pressure washer? Then your search ends here. Our pressure washer reviews will provide you a good heads-up.

Using a pressure washer machine, there’s no restriction to the cleanup strength that you will get, but what is the best?

Going through each pressure washer on sale is impossible. So, to help you select the perfect power washer for your wants, our team scoured the net and put together 8 of the top pressure washers on the market.

Without further ado, check out our comparison, best power washer reviews, and the ultimate pressure washer buyers guide below.

Table of the Best Pressure Washers

Pressure Washer Name
Price Range
Check on Amazon

Sun Joe SPX3000

(Editor's Choice)




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AR Blue Clean AR383




Check Price

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S




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Ivation Electric Pressure Washer




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Sun Joe SPX3001




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Karcher K3




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AR Blue Clean AR390SS




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Sun Joe SPX1000




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Top 8 Pressure Washer Reviews

Best Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe Electric Pressure Washer Review The SPX3000 creates water stream of 1.76 GPM and water pressure of 2030 PSI for highest cleaning strength. For large quantities of rust, dirt, tar, stains, you use the detergents and increase the pressure of water. For house cleaning, auto cleaning, and other jobs, you can fix the pressure in the amount you need. Also, it includes a dual tank container for detergent. Each container has a volume of 0.9 liter that has space for two detergents types.

Of all features of the SPX3000, their versatility is the most attractive. In many cases, it is necessary to make use of detergents to eliminate grime and dirt, and the machine makes this entire process effortless. The detergent dial allows you to select from both. It goes off automatically once the trigger isn’t active, plus a garden adaptor, 35-foot power cord, and 20-foot high-pressure hose provided.

The rear wheels improve transportation as well as we like its 34-inch spray wand extension since it enables you to speed clean difficult to wash places. Not all washing tasks need the same pressure amount, and the tips let you go from higher to pressure promptly. It features 5 Quick Connect spray nozzles to help you change the pressure of water.


Consistent spray power.
Has sufficient power to thoroughly clean boats.
Little assembly needed.


The plastic component has sharp edges.
Compact design so you should remain alert not to tip this over.

Verdict: It is simple to alter the pressure; thus you can utilize it for commercial structures and even for your house. For homeowners, you can put it to use to clean the grime off boats, garden equipment, patios, and driveways. According to electric pressure washer reviews, The SPX3000 power washer does what it must and is versatile.

Best Residential Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer Review The AR383 model advertised for outdoor washing, and its 1.5 HP, 13 AMP motor removes grime and dirt quickly. Even though it is user-friendly, we still suggest you look at manual. The user manual does a great job explaining the traits of every attachment plus how to use them.

You could adjust the level of pressure as much as 1900 PSI plus at maximum force, the AR383 removes dirt stuck on bikes, ATVs, cars, trucks, and other automobiles. The high pressure 20 ft hose is the proper length for many outdoor cleaning, plus the dual high-pressure wands guarantee versatility. Also, it removes leaves and mildew without the necessity of other cleaning options. It is eco-friendly as other AR Blue Clean power washers. You could apply the same method for garden furniture and lower the force if needed.

For quick mixing, a detergent bottle included. Even at a reduced pressure level, it gets rid of dirt from the surface, taking out the need of scraping and sanding. The washing gun is 14 oz and is professional quality. As a product certified by CSA, the AR383 model gets designed for long-term use without sacrificing safety. Some setup is required, but it is a simple process because of its Quick Connect technology for the spray, turbo lance, and pressure hose.


It cleans vehicles and surfaces.
Adjustable spray for better cleaning.
Effortless to transport.


Soap mixer is not enough.
Plastic hose adapter is prone to leakages.

Verdict: AR Blue Clean S Line has many pressure washers, plus it is one that can restore the shine on other surfaces for example wood. The AR383 is a perfect electric power washer. Whether it is your garden furniture or a car requires a serious makeover, this machine removes dirt securely. It is nothing fancy, yet does what it should.

Best Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S Gas Pressure Washer

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S Gas Pressure Washer Review It is our #1 gas pressure washer review. The MSH3125-S model can generate 2.5 GPM of water at a highest 3,100 PSI, that will work nicely at cleaning up outside areas. Nozzles have various angles or degrees that range between 0 to 40 to deal with tasks such as getting rid of mildew from the house and cleaning up outdoor furniture.

Each nozzle features a picture close to it showing you the nozzles shape and size. A 25-foot versatile cord can stretch and bend to reach the tough to find or tiniest places. This cleaning pressure washer by Simpson comes with five nozzles that suit right on its frame. The hose can manage the water’s high pressure being released without breaking, fraying, or kinking.

A robust Honda motor creates quick function of any washing job plus lets you have those jobs completed faster than any other power washer can. Security features include parts produced from heavy-gauge metal, a lock out which keeps the equipment from accidentally starting, and a welded metal frame that will not break.


Hose supplies high pressure.
Versatile design.
It needs little maintenance.


The machine hose is quite rigid.
It doesn’t has a detergent tank.

Verdict: According to Simpson pressure washer reviews, the MSH3125-S model is an all-round cleaning solution plus it does not make so much sound as other cleaners. It is a dependable, powerful, and simple to assemble power washer because the user instructions are clear. When it comes to performance, it does not let you down. Once you have put the oil, only start the machine up, and it is ready for action.

Best Cheap Pressure Washer

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer Review In case, you are searching for perfect pressure cleaning option for driveways, home, decks, or cars; it is the one.

It has five interchangeable nozzles clean different floors and turbo wand.

They have an user-friendly system that just requires 30 seconds to assemble.

This electric pressure washer is well-known for:

  • Coverage
  • Flexibility
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • and so on…

They have a soap dispenser and optional self-suction, automatic complete stop system.

And also special copper connection that are joined easily to its hose for simple, quick hookup.

Best Home Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer Review The SPX3001 model built with many tips for light, moderate, plus heavy cleaning tasks. The 34 inches extension wand gives you the freedom to clean gutters, furniture, and other not so easy to reach locations. This CSA certified washer has a “Total Stop System” turns off the water pump once the trigger isn’t active. It not just extends the water pump life thus lowers energy use too.

The detergent tank carries a capacity of 1.2 liters. It is larger compared to those that arrive with most power washers so that you can clean more dirt a lot sooner. The 20 feet hose is flexible yet sturdy, and along with its 1800W/14.5-AMP motor generates maximum cleaning ability. If you do not need the full 2030 PSI pressure, you can modify the spray with one of the five tips.

After you finished the washing, utilize the built-in reel to maintain the hose stored and tidied up. The SPX3001 removes stains due to grease deposits, oil, and rust. Even though it frequently used for outdoor furniture and an exterior surface, it is adequate to be used on other types of surface. You can set it at maximum power; its hose removes mud, gunk, and vehicle dust. It has enough pressure for an in-depth car cleanup.


Effortless setup.
Consistent and powerful spray.
The quick connect tip work fantastic.


Hose Caddy seems very light.
The hose reel is somewhat hard to handle.

Verdict: For even a beginner user, the assembly is straightforward to follow. It is a well-capable power washer. The detergent tank inclusion is an excellent touch plus the built-in storage turns storage convenient. It is not ideal, yet with over 2000 PSI pressure, there is sufficient muscle for most auto and outdoor cleaning.

Best Small Pressure Washer

Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer

Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer Review The Karcher K3 model has an appalling look. Also, it has a patented spraying wand which helps you raise the force by around 80 percentage. It can motivate your children to help with the cleanup and get active, plus the four wheels down the base permit this one easily pursue you when you get for work.

Although it may use nearly 35 times extra pressure compared to a garden hose may, it uses around 80 percent less water that will help you reduce your cost. Favorite outdoor power tools blogs awarded this unit its Editor’s Choice Pick for reliability, but its affordable price makes it an inexpensive power washer which will match your budget.

According to Karcher pressure washer reviews, you could make use of its handle to change by using that combination to using only a higher force spray water alone. While you walk, the power washer will react to the movements plus follow wherever you go without needing that you pull or drag it. A detergent section inside holds the soap and permits it to blend with the water automatically.

Best Rated Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer Review The AR390SS model comes with in-depth instructions, so setup is effortless. The pressure level is flexible so you could use the desired level of pressure. This 14 AMP machine goes as much as 2000 PSI and 1.4 GPM, which accounts for the energy to remove dried leaves, dirt, and grime on surfaces, presenting it a brand-new look. Apart from wood, its hose removes dirt away from stucco, concrete, and various stone surface types.

You join the garden hose and water inlet connect the high power hose to the gun. After you have connected the power cable; draw the trigger as well as it is ready for action. Even at the highest power, the machine does not create damage. At even maximum pressure, the engine does not make much sound. For vehicles and outdoor furniture, surfaces, it will get the task finished.

Also, the AR390SS does great work at water preservation, using 45 percent less than a typical hose. It is user-friendly. It comes with 30 ft hose, four Quick Connect nozzles, washer gun, a 48 oz detergent tank, and the washer wand. It operates with a 1.6 horsepower motor.


Setup is easy.
Eco-friendly build.
Hose works best for different cleaning tasks.


The hose reel does not look sturdy.
The wand holder often falls off once its wand found removed.

Verdict: It’s a pressure washer. Thus it does not damage the surface types you employ it on. It got the capacity to take out surface dirt, plus it is perfect for walls, decks, fences, patios, and other areas. It’s a reliable power washer for outdoor and home use.

Best Pressure Washer for Car

Sun Joe SPX1000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX1000 Electric Pressure Washer Review The SPX1000 model is compact but ideal for moderate to light duty cleaning chores.

The price tag is pretty nice so that you can get an excellent model for an affordable cost.

It has flexible spray wand along with easy controls and twist nozzle for water power.

Do not let the small size fool you trust us it is one of the most functional models available on the market. It can handle daily chores around your house effortlessly. It got a decent amount of pressure considering the price and size. Also, it is the best option if you are looking for something cheap but does not have an impact on the overall product quality.

You could clean siding, boats, decks, motorcycles, trailers and even more; this machine will do a valuable job.

The maximum power is 1450 pounds per square inch (PSI), and the rate of flow is 1.45, which is sufficient for medium duty cleaning jobs.

It is the top pick for auto cleaning, outdoor, and home projects.

Best Power Washer - Buying Guide

Types of Pressure Washers

Electric Pressure Washers

An electric pressure washer is ideal for small projects, outdoor furniture, and vehicles. They are usually quieter and also rather affordable. These weigh less compared to their gas alternatives, and you change them on from flipping its switch. It needs minimum upkeep. Based on the style, they might need to be connected to a source of energy directly, or perhaps an extension wire may be required. The biggest disadvantage is they give much less pressure. Follow the user guide instructions to avoid damages. Also, they are less sturdy because often plastic parts found.

Gas Pressure Washers

The gas pressure washer has much more power compared to the electric power washer. Also, are more durable as are created with substantial parts. The more pressure makes them suited to heavy jobs such as decks, large patios, and multi-story buildings exteriors. They are bigger plus heavier when considering size. These are more portable; only because these often not be limited from electricity needs. A few of them come with an electrical starter, but many are by hand started. It is high in price. They require more upkeep plus make more fumes and noise.

Commercial Pressure Washers

They are the heavy-duty lifters that will clean perhaps the dirtiest driveway.

You can use pressure washers for commercial trades, industrial use, and handheld domestic purposes.

Pressure Washer Basics

Top 20 Best Brands that Produce Pressure Washers

  1. Simpson
  2. Karcher
  3. Generac (7019)
  4. Ryobi (RY14122)
  5. Snow Joe
  6. Troy-Bilt
  7. Briggs & Stratton
  8. Hotsy
  9. Homelite
  10. Landa
  11. Husky
  12. Ex-Cell
  13. Campbell Hausfeld
  14. John Deere
  15. NorthStar
  16. DeVilbiss
  17. Black and Decker
  18. Water Jet
  19. Coleman
  20. Simoniz

How to Choose the Perfect Pressure Washer

pressure washer factors to consider

  • Price: In case, you have to avoid wasting money, consider an electric power washer. These products retail for 250 dollars, though some products cost much less. You may get a great gas power washer in the $500-$1,000 range, plus some manufacturers offer these products for under $400.
  • Power Output: The larger the figures, the more efficient the model. Electric washers power output is calculated in AMPS, whereas on gas power washers it’s in cubic-centimeters. For heavy-duty tasks, you need one having a 3300 PSI or more. For basic tasks like washing off the driveway or cleaning up outdoor furniture, you only require 2000 PSI.
  • Nozzle Type: Pressure washer nozzle permits you to adjust the pressure and flow. Also, there are soap tips and detergent present. The narrower its spray, the greater its pressure however with less substantial exposure. The wider its spray, the lesser its power but, the more the exposure. The best pressure washer for the money might be one having multi function nozzle that adapts to hit most degrees possible. These come in various degrees including 0-40 degrees etc.
  • Water Temperature: Professional units have hot, cold, and warm settings that should heat the water for employing on several jobs. An accurate steam cleaner often possesses an independent; often diesel fired burner that can heat the water until 140-degrees. Also, you can get petrol model where electric supply along with portability might be an issue.
  • Adding Detergent: A few pressure washers include a chemical injection or detergent thus you can make use of other cleaners and chemicals. Some allow you put soap straight to its tank. However, others have a separate part that can keep the right detergent amount for any task.
  • Gallons Per Minute: Greater GPM means better cleaning and rinsing, that makes it simpler to clean tough to reach spots. Also, it tells you how certain long jobs should take. The greater the PSI and the GPM, the larger and the effect the location it could clean.

Safety Tips

  • Avoid Heights and Ladders: In case, you do have to access higher, use the extension wand tool. This option is safer plus prevents injuries. Therefore, it is important to avoid heights and other ladders where you can fall.
  • Write Down Solutions and Hazards: You cannot avoid an unexpected danger, and it is not one thing you would like to learn the hard way as it can cost a visit to the local hospital. The easiest method to approach it is walking around your place you will work for about 5 minutes then ask yourself below questions.
  1. How is the personal health? Do you feeling able to work and feeling eager, or you exhausted from a gym session or sleepy?
  2. Do I get enough safety to use the pressure washer?
  3. Is the climate acceptable?
  4. What will I do suppose the equipment makes weird sounds, starts smoking or even makes a leak?
  5. Is the location clear of possible hazards, like pets running about, toys, trees, or bikes?
  6. Are there close by vents, open windows, or electrical areas?
  • Avoiding Red Tip Nozzle: Do not make use of a red tip, because it is at 0-degrees. It creates a dangerous sharp splash of water. However, does not wash better compared to the other solutions. The machines nozzles are color themed based on the water spray’s angle which comes out.
  • Wear Protective Equipment: First, consider buying ear protection since they are loud. Make sure to put on right safety glasses or goggles. Also, wear high pants, as flying debris can lacerate the leg suppose not covered. The enclosed shoe is mandatory; do not wear your flip-flops. Your ideal option is workbooks or metal toe gumboots, but you can take closed toed shoes for running.
  • Understand the Surroundings: When you are doing work, it is nice to have spatial awareness thus you not caught by surprise. It can include moving vehicles, playing children, trip hazards, and even animals or pets.
  • Read the Manual: Each product is unique from the rest, beyond performance. The manual ought to include safety tips and troubleshooting. By reading a manual, you can have all you should know.

Why You Need it?

  • Provides Safety: too much temperature and high sun exposure might harm the structure. Along with frequent washing, you can counter such labels quickly.
  • Easy to use: they are user-friendly; you only hook the hose in the water system, crank it up then start spraying.
  • Best for All Surface Types: It works on concrete, wood surfaces, and about any areas. With sufficient PSI, you can remove mold, oil deposits, moss, dirt, and so on.
  • Quicker Cleaning: It produces more water flow and water pressure compared to the garden hose tool. You do not have to scrub your car or floor to get rid of dirt.
  • Reduces Repair Costs: too much dirt and grime could weaken a structure of building as it blocks moisture. Excessive moisture causes other problems for example mildew. This condition is more critical with vehicles because dirt accumulation in important parts could lead to injuries.
  • Cleans Big Places: It can wash walls, driveways, and when it comes to commercial quality power washers, parking areas and construction sites.
  • Saves Your Time: Typical garden hoses will take too long. Nevertheless, you only want some minutes for the task. Even a dusty ATV, should not take too long to wash.

Maintenance Tricks

  • The connections to the wand accessory, hose, and spray gun have to get lubricated regularly for maximum performance. Both gas-powered and electric washers must have it’s nozzle tips checked regularly.
  • You should not utilize a gas power washer inside or any spot without enough ventilation.
  • A few gas-powered models suggest a fuel stabilizing unit to prevent engine corrosion and maintain gas fresh. Do not use fuel which is over 1 month old as they are vulnerable to corrosion and varnish.
  • The exhaust should get directed away through doors, windows, and vents.
  • Also, you need to take care of the fuel unit, yet the steps differ based on the version. Section of the upkeep includes cleaning up the air filtration, spark plug check-up, and motor oil replacement. They have certain guidelines in the manual so that you can use that as a guide.
  • In case, you are using an electric version, maintain the electrical contacts off the floor, plus it must stay dry.
  • Disconnect their garden hose, spray gun, and the tube extension. Allow it to cool-down. Keep the device on till all of the water got out of the pump before shutting off. Drain water through the pump.
  • Inspect the oil and fuel levels before utilizing it.
  • The trigger locking may get engaged if water no more flows. Unplug the power supply and direct your spray gun from people and animals. Turn the water and washer supply off.
  • You should not overfill, yet to fill the limit.
  • Once you completed washing with an electric washer, remove the siphoning tube for detergent and make the force to low. Then enable water via it for some minutes.
  • Wash using water suppose the screen becomes dirty or clogged. Inspect the screen of water inlet where the hose connects.
  • Perform the exact check for the unclog and siphoning tube if required. Inspect the couplings too. Clean your filter as well. Check out the garden hose for indications of cuts, bulges, abrasions, and leaks. If there is damage, change them.
  • Replace the display if cleaned with water or damaged. If it comes with an extension wand inline display, make sure it’s not clogged.
  • Test the spray gun’s trigger and trigger lock.
  • Be sure the contacts are secure. Examine the spray gun, wand’s extension, and spray tip.

Tools and Accessories

Most products, and not only the power washers, can perform the work without extra tools. Nevertheless, there are a few instruments and accessories you might find helpful for specific situations.

  • In case, you clean driveways and sidewalks regularly, you might want to consider using a rotating jet equipped floor cleaner.
  • Brushes offer scrubbing abilities, that helps get rid of stubborn dirt.
  • Use just what the company advises. Be cautious and use only cleaning options which are compatible together with the area. As you will find many cleaning chemicals and soaps, and detergents you could use.
  • It combined along with extension wands; spray tips make cleaning second story structure simpler. It is employed to produce good results, speed the cleaning method, and wash siding.
  • Angled wands might get coupled with extension to clean difficult to get into places such as gutters.

Conclusion: It is Your Turn to Select

Having a power washer could take lots of the burden off you and make life much easier if you select the right model. They could blast the ugliest and dirtiest dust without more ado.

About which model is the best, it is to do with personal requirements and preference. Electric pressure washers are effortless to maintain. Meanwhile, gas pressure washers have got extra power. In either case, with one of these eight pressure washers, cleaning works – check.

Finally, we hope our pressure washer reviews helped you decide for which best pressure washer to buy. Therefore, all the best with shopping.

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